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Get straightforward and detailed tips in the field of carpet cleaning from this page. Here you will find advice that covers various aspects of this important home maintenance job. You will certainly find it to be simple to understand and more than helpful.

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Find out more about carpet maintenance by checking out these important tips. They will help you protect carpets from water damage! Also learn how to clean your sofa from pet urine and little secrets about rugs.

Protect carpets from water

As any expert of Carpet Cleaning Artesia would tell you, water is the number one enemy of all carpets. The growth of mold as a result of moisture will eventually destroy the fibers. Apart from the consequences to your health, water is catastrophic for all carpets. If water damage is not treated right away, carpets will rot. That's why moisture and mold inspection are required.

Sofa cleaning after pet urine

People who have pets love to lie together in sofas. That's lovely except that pet urination can affect your health. Sofa cleaning is required immediately after the cat or dog had an accident. Remove the covers and put them in the washing machine. If they do not come off, spray some water and scrub the stain off with dish liquid. Use some white vinegar for odor removal.

Use area rugs

You can help minimize the dirt that accumulates on certain areas of your carpeted floor. You can put area rugs near the door or along high traffic areas to protect the carpets from getting easily dirtied. This tip is often mentioned by cleaning experts in Artesia.

Don't put rugs in the basement

Basements are usually damp and high moisture atmospheres will have negative effects on your rugs even if they're covered with plastic bags. The pros of our company in Artesia suggest keeping rugs in dry rooms to avoid water damage. Moisture will encourage the slow but steady growth of mildew and you want to avoid that.

Cleaning carpets with little to no effort

People are always looking for easier ways to clean their home and furniture; fortunately experts over at carpet cleaning Artesia have some suggestions regarding the matter of cleaning carpets. One easy method would be to simply let the sun heat it up, but it can be time consuming. Another method would be the use of a vacuum cleaner.

Clean plush carpet thoroughly

Dirt is sure to be deeply embedded in plush carpet, which is why thorough cleaning is essential. This constitutes going over every section several times with a vacuum set at slow setting, as this will effectively suction ground-in dust and dirt. When it comes to plush carpets, it is best to take your time when cleaning.

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