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Pet Hair Cleaning

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Pets & Fur

Pet Hair Cleaning in CaliforniaThis is a pretty common combination with dogs, cats, bunnies, and many other furry family members. They come with soft fur you could pet and brush for hours, and sooner or later it will show around your house. When it comes to jackets, shirts and clothes in general, it's fairly easy to use a special roller and get rid of it. However, when it comes to carpets and rugs, this isn't the case. The fur clings to the fibers, sometimes enhanced by dirt, and over time cleaning the carpet will become a much tedious task. Our specialized pet hair cleaning service is offered to solve this very specific issue. No matter what kind of carpet or rug it is, we will make sure to clean it thoroughly using eco-friendly products that are safe for pets and children as well of course.

Fighting Off Difficult Stains

When it comes to caring for pets, fur is not the only thing you'll have to deal with. Pet stains can be anything from vomit to urine, and can happen to anyone. The most important thing is to clean it as soon as you spot it. It might sound obvious, but sometimes you might notice too late. After a while, the substance will leave a mark on the floor, staining it permanently. That is, until you use the right technique and products. No fear! We've got you covered with our pet stain & odor removal services! We have the products, machinery, knowledge and experience to tackle every stain. You are not alone in this battle, not with us on your side!

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