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Prepare Your Carpets for the Festive Season

11/11/2013 Back To Blog

This is a very busy time in Artesia. Everyone is making plans for the Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Season and so many family members and friends are coming home to Artesia. However, the normal household chores like carpet cleaning must be given a priority because it will be difficult to find a residential carpet cleaning service provider during the festive season.  It is, therefore, important to make early preparations so you do not have to worry with carpet and sofa cleaning when an emergency arises.Prepare Your Carpets for the Festive Season

For some people it is a case of odor cleaning while others are more concerned about rug cleaning. Make sure that you find someone reliable to help you with those early preparations that will save you time, money and the anxiety. Of course, you may decide to take the DIY approach to things like upholstery steam cleaning. However for the bigger jobs like water damage restoration, a contractor is of the essence. They will probably try to charge you a premium for calling them out during the festive season and, therefore, early reservation with a reputable carpet cleaning company makes common sense.

Normally you should wash your rugs at least two weeks before

Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve especially if you are going to host a number of people. This allows you to dry them out properly and also to prepare for the big day. On the other hand, you may be worried about the winter damp such that you do the preparations much earlier in the summer and try to keep your carpets clean in the interim. Some rugs can be machine-washed but for the most part you will have to use your hands.
Stain removal

If there are any adults among the party then you can almost certainly anticipate red wine stains. These are very difficult to deal with if you make the mistake of letting them set. Instead you need to have an emergency plan where you deal with those stains on the spot. Have your blotting paper and homemade cleaning solution ready just in case there is an accident.  Or call Carpet Cleaning Company Artesia immediately for the following day service.

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