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Is It Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

01/28/2014 Back To Blog

When you invest in carpeting for your home, it’s makes sense to take good care of it. The last thing you would want is to have to replace it because of a lack of care. One thing you will need to do is to have regularly scheduled carpet cleaning. But, how will you know when it is time? There are a number of factors to consider. Here are a few.Is It Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

Number Of People In Household

If you live alone, you can probably get away with a lot more time in between cleanings. You would be the only person that is tracking any dirt onto the carpeting. Now, if you have children and pets, you are looking at more frequent cleanings. The number of people, and pets if any, will play a big role in how often you should have a professional carpet cleaning.


Where you live will also be a factor in the frequency of your carpet cleaning. If you are in a dry area, Arizona for example, you will need the procedure done less often than someone who live in a more humid climate, say Georgia. In humid areas, moisture gets tracked into homes and will find a home in your carpeting. The buildup of moisture over time can lead to all sorts of problems, including mold growth. Mold growth can be disastrous to your floor coverings. A carpet cleaning service can help prevent that.


The frequency of cleaning will depend upon these factors. All things being equal, Carpet Cleaning Artesia would advise that you have the process done once per year, or at least once every 18 months. Depending on the factors mentioned, you can adjust your schedule. If your indoor carpeting is heavily trafficked due to many people and pets in your home, you might need this every eight to nine months. If you live alone without pets, you can probably get away with once every 18 months or even once every other year.

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